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RGL’s distribution services epitomize seamless and efficient solutions meticulously crafted to cater to your business requisites. Our approach is fortified by our in-house transportation brokerage business and an unwavering commitment to technology integration, offering a caliber of visibility and control over your distribution network that remains unparalleled.

Our technological prowess is manifest in our advanced systems, facilitating integration with more than 20 service providers. This synergy translates to centralized tracking and management of your shipments, effortlessly orchestrated through a single, streamlined interface. With precision honed through cutting-edge technology, we furnish real-time updates, ensuring you remain continuously apprised of your goods’ status and precise whereabouts.

Our IFQ (Integrated Freight Quotation) management system stands as a testament to our dedication to efficiency. This system streamlines the transportation process, optimizing cost savings in the process. Within the embrace of RGL’s distribution services, you’re poised to experience a distribution journey fueled by technology. This journey effortlessly brings together a consortium of premier service providers, a seamless integration ethos, and a comprehensive tracking tapestry. The result is an experience that doesn’t just meet expectations but defines a new standard of superior outcomes for your business. Carrying and Forwarding Agent




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